Frequently Asked

Crosspoint serves individuals, families, Registered Investment Advisors, wealth advisors, pensions, unions, family offices, and corporations.

Crosspoint partners with several of the largest and most trusted custodians in the world to provide safekeeping of our clients’ assets including Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, Pershing, and UBS.  Partnering with these firms provides an extra layer of security for our clients.

To effectively implement a sound investment strategy using the Crosspoint methodology, clients need to have a minimum of $100,000 of investable assets.

No. While clients are invested according to the same proprietary investment strategy, assets are held in separate accounts where clients have complete transparency into all transactions and holdings at any time.

No. Clients have total access to their capital at any time.

Investment advisory fees are billed directly through the account after the end of each quarter and are calculated based on the average daily balance of the account for the quarter.  Clients also have the ability to receive a quarterly invoice instead of directly debiting fees from their account.  Clients receive a detailed breakdown of every fee charged on a quarterly basis and annually.

Yes, but typically not until you leave your company. Most employers’ retirement plans won’t allow you to take money out of the company plan until you leave the company. If you have a plan from an old employer, we can help you make a “direct rollover” into a Rollover IRA that we can manage. This method helps prevent potentially negative tax consequences.

In addition to the open line of communication every client has with Crosspoint management, we provide the following forms of scheduled communications:

  • Weekly:  Every Friday afternoon, we send out a newsletter that provides our current positioning in the market, a brief recap of market events with our perspective, along with our proprietary Market Sentiment Indicator.
  • Monthly: Standard Wall Street quality statements with account summaries and transactions.
  • Annually: Recap of the year’s performance with all necessary tax documents if needed.
  • Client website: Complete transparency into your account at any time via the internet.

In short, being “tactical” means to employ a strategy that adjusts investment decisions based on the current condition and trends of the market.  After the 2008 Financial Crisis, the investment management industry was flooded with new “tactical” investment strategies.  We caution investors to understand the history and experience of any tactical approach.

The Crosspoint tactical approach boasts over 40+ years of actual investment decisions using the Crosspoint investment methodology.  We are tactical in the sense that our proprietary systems are constantly evaluating the current health and trend of the stock market to weigh the risk/reward of owning stocks vs being in cash.  This allows us to take calculated risks that over our long history have weighed heavily in our clients’ favor.  Our weekly market sentiment newsletter keeps our clients up to date on our perspective of the market and our current positioning.

Crosspoint chose to partner with Sanctuary Wealth Services, LLC to provide their expertise and support in running the back office infrastructure of our investment management firm.  This allows Crosspoint to focus on managing investment portfolios and servicing our clients instead of spending our time on the variety of responsibilities that running a business requires. Sanctuary does not have any influence on investment decisions and Crosspoint management has complete control of the directional outlook and approach for the business.

Yes, we operate in a highly regulated industry and despite the many client requests we receive to stop sending trade confirms, we are required by law to do so.  We can however provide electronic confirms and at particular custodians, have the ability to package confirms so they only come to you once a quarter.

Please feel free to reach out to a Crosspoint team member if you have any additional questions.