A Disciplined
Investment Process

Crosspoint employs a proprietary model consisting of market data and price action to determine the current market condition. Through our indicator, we can evaluate the potential risk and reward of owning stocks – or being in cash – at any given moment.

When our model indicates that the market is entering a bullish cycle, Crosspoint will construct a portfolio of high quality, market-leading stocks that fit our investment criteria. We select those stocks using technical analysis, combined with fundamental analysis that evaluates the risk-reward equation for owning each stock.

When our model indicates that the market is entering a bearish cycle, Crosspoint will transition clients out of equities and into 100% cash. This eliminates potential market risk to client’s capital during periods when risk in the market is elevated. From there, Crosspoint will stay in cash until its model signals a bullish market.

Portfolio Construction

Crosspoint typically constructs a portfolio of 20 to 30 stocks across all market capitalizations and sub-industries. This proven approach typically leads to results that outperform the broader market.

Diversification is critical to our mitigation of risk within our portfolio construction. No single position will account for more than 5% of assets at the time of purchase. Equally as important, no single sub-industry will account for more than 20% of a portfolio at the time of purchase.

Sell Discipline

We have what most managers lack: A clearly defined approach to selling the market. Our sell discipline avoids the common investing mistake of becoming emotionally attached to a stock.

We have parameters in place that produce clearly defined sell signals. Our methodology is applied to both the overall portfolio and individual stocks.